There was uproar on the internet years back condemning google for its suggested images when one searched “unprofessional hair.” Several images came up with pictures of black women showing their natural hair and this blatantly was a sign of racism. This however was only a tip of the iceberg. Despite the obvious racism this also spoke to the prejudice faced by girls and women of … Continue reading Unprofessional

“a non-issue”

Humour writer Ted Malanda (Kenyan) gave the appearance of unbelief “I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that depression is an illness…In fact, it is such a non-issue that African languages never bothered to create a word for it,” he wrote in a newspaper The Standard, under the headline “How Depression Has Never Been an African Disease”. A mental illness in Africa is either … Continue reading “a non-issue”

The African Dilemma

“The African condition is complex, where culture and identity are often taken out of context. At home we are groomed and nurtured according to African values by our parents. At school our education is westernized, as we are heavily impacted by Eurocentric narratives whilst living in an African setting.” This African dilemma can mainly be attributed to the continent’s colonial history which still has a … Continue reading The African Dilemma

Morality VS Tradition

Where do we draw the line between morality and tradition? Who sets the standards of morality, how do we define right from wrong? According to the Oxford Dictionary, morality is “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour. A particular system of values and principles of conduct.” As a general rule of thumb, morality can be guided by legality, religion, … Continue reading Morality VS Tradition

Black people don’t go on holiday, they go home.

A journey of migrant labour in Africa influenced by colonialism. (this is not to say no-one goes on actual holidays, in fact Africa has a growing tourism industry and a number of tourist attractions) The 2020 festive period has been quite different to those in prior years. In the face of a global pandemic, travel has been especially hard particularly during the festive where it … Continue reading Black people don’t go on holiday, they go home.

Creative Culture In Pan-Africanism

2020 has been a horror show for most but as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining. Throughout all the chaos, Burna boy continued to make waves, Sha sha became the first Zimbabwean artist to win a BET award, Cookout became Zimbabwe’s first Netflix film, Master KG made the world dance through his super hit Jerusalema and Afrobeat continues to stamp its authority … Continue reading Creative Culture In Pan-Africanism

Forget elections whoever picks the longest straw becomes President!

Elections in Africa have poised to be a source of tension in majority African states in the post-independence era. These elections are often marred with rumors of rigging, electoral violence, and undemocratic means to keep power. It has become difficult to see the necessity of elections on the continent thus begs the question “Are elections necessary in Africa?” The democratic project appears to be in … Continue reading Forget elections whoever picks the longest straw becomes President!

Part 3 Ubuntu: A proponent of corruption?

Prior to colonialism, African societies and states functioned through a system based on the family or tribe and ultimately a confederation of groups with ethnic characteristics in common. These formed the units of social, economic and political organizations. As such, attributes of Ubuntu such as collectivism were easily applied. Resources were shared among the family unit which subsequently was the “state.” Ubuntu meant the family … Continue reading Part 3 Ubuntu: A proponent of corruption?

Part 2 Ubuntu: An Idealistic Concept

On the contrary, Ubuntu is a philosophy and an ideal circulating primarily through orality and tradition and associated with no particular authoritative text. Ubuntu is open to interpretation, especially in view of its application to contemporary society. The word has for some time now been thrown around in popular media and it has lost its true meaning and has become commercialized, and a regular in … Continue reading Part 2 Ubuntu: An Idealistic Concept